Teaching Methodology


At S.S.S.. the system adopted is as under:


The above steps followed by the teacher ensure that every child progresses and the teaching is according to the child's individual needs.

There are no formal examinations in the junior classes. Cyclic tests are conducted to reduce the burden on children and develop interest and better understanding of the subject matter.

The school has successfully implemented a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system according to the C.B.S.E. guidelines to reduce the burden and improve learning and concept formation.

English, which is now a global language, is used as the medium of communication. Stress is laid on fluency in English through debates, seminars, speech, creative writing competitions and role plays.

We believe that subjects are learnt by doing. For which experiments, field trips, science fairs, exhibitions, project work and workshops are a regular feature at S.S.S..

We develop the creative potential of the children through art and craft, dance, music, drama etc. Special emphasis is laid on moral and spiritual values, understanding the diversity and beauty of different cultures and striving for perfection.

We nurture every child's potential to become the best s/he can possibly be.