Toddlers' Home

The pre-primary age is the most impressionable age in a child’s life. Toddlers' home therefore, offers an innovative approach to learning that helps the young child discover and develop his/her skills by using interactive, hands-on teaching methods.

Towards this goal, each classroom in the nursery section is well equipped with educational toys, audio & video teaching aids along with child friendly furniture. The curriculum is designed to take care of the development of personal, social, behavioural, intellectual, communication and motor skills of these young children. Outings and picnics are arranged regularly.

Every Saturday is observed as an activity day for which unique educational activities are planned out by our dedicated staff. The children are also exposed to drawing, painting, paper craft and value education.

Special emphasis is laid on English speaking, good habits and etiquettes. All festivals are celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm to inculcate in them love for the culture and traditions of their country.

The benchmark of Toddlers' Home is a unique playway method of teaching wherein regular assignments, conversation sessions, stage appearances and audio-visual aids are used to make learning and teaching more interactive and enriching.